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  • Help Arbor Screw Problem

    Recently purchased a MS12501 12" compound miter saw on Craigs list for $60.
    Pretty good condition except it was missing the arbor screw, blade washer & blade collars.
    I ordered replacement parts. The blade collars are fine but the arbor screw and washer were too large. Went to HD to check out saws on display.The arbor screw for 10" Ridgid saw is smaller and it fits just fine but the washers OD is too large.
    Now I need a hollow sided blade washer to fit the smaller screw.
    Not shure of the smaller screws dia. am still working on that.

    Any suggestions would be welcome

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    Re: Help Arbor Screw Problem

    A) One way or another you need to get the correct parts list for your saw. Then you need to check and order the exact correct parts. A call to 1-800-474-3443 should help.

    B) I'm going to look at the support part of the Ridgid site to see if I can find the correct parts list online.

    C) If I find it, I'll post some parts numbers here.

    Please look again carefully at the nameplate and post the exact model. Could it be MS1250LZA or MS1250LZ1 rather than MS12501? If it really is MS12501 then somehow you need to find someone with the correct parts list. It may well not be a current model and that may be where the problems are.

    For MS1250LZA
    1 089100206003 BLADE SCREW..........1
    2 830523 BLADE WASHER..................1
    3 830524 BLADE COLLAR (OUTER).......1
    4 828042 BLADE..............................1
    5 830526 BLADE COLLAR (INNER)........1

    For MS1250LZ1
    1 089100206003 BLADE SCREW ........1
    2 830523 BLADE WASHER ................1
    3 830524 BLADE COLLAR (OUTER) .....1
    4 828042 BLADE ............................1
    5 830526 BLADE COLLAR (INNER) ......1

    I hope this helps you end up with the correct needed parts.
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      Re: Help Arbor Screw Problem

      Thanks for the info Woussko
      My saw is a MS12501 Serial #0010510207
      Washer #830523 is probably what I need but not shure & I can't bring myself to spend $8 shipping for a 50 cent part.
      The screw that fits my arbor shaft is 5/16" dia so I used a very short piece of 3/8 " OD tube that you hook the water supply to a toilet as a spacer.
      It fits perfectly. Problem solved.


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        Re: Help Arbor Screw Problem

        I'm glad you found a sort of fix but I strongly recommend that you look up power tool shops in your area. The same type of washers are used on other brands of miter saws. If you get the right person he may well just be able to go and pull out a few parts and match up what you need. Another way would be to look up the parts for similar miter saws of about any major brand and then check them.