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  • New Member and a gloat...

    Hello...I have been lurking on this board since Jake was around. My shop has mainly been Craftsman (TS-jointer) Dewalt (planer-sanders-bisquit jointer) and Delta (Drillpress, Grinder, 9 inch Bandsaw)

    I did put a Ridgid AC1036 fence on my Craftsman (Emerson era) TS and I have really liked it. I have been wanting to upgrade my bandsaw though and had my mind made up on the Delta 28-276 for $399. On the way to Lowes, I told my son, lets' check out HD and see it they have a Ridgid on sale.

    WELL LOW AND BEHOLD, there sat a fully assembled BS1400 that had been returned and was priced at $299. The guy working the tool crib told me it was returned because the fisrt buyer said he could not keep the blade from coming off the wheels. The guys in the tool crib told me they tuned it and it ran great.

    SO I bought it, took it home reviewed the manual, tweaked it a bit and it does run great, and the blade stays on just fine!

    Of course I will get a link belt to reduce then vibration but how should I go with the blade guide/Timberwolf upgrades????

    Thanks for letting me hand my hat here now that I am offically a Ridgid owner.