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robbed by Ridgid

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    I feel your pain, dude, been burned on many of those. All I can offer is, in the future, make copies, save everything, and check up on it often.

    Nowadays when I see a store advertising a price less mfg rebate, I ask if they'll give me that price and they can fool with the rebate. My attitude is, if they're going to advertise it, they bear some responsibility for it. Of course, no one's taken me up on that yet


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      I sent in for my $100 rebate and got it by giving what they asked for. However, it did from the end of July to nearly the end of October before I got it.


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        The national average for rebate redemption is around 7% which I'm sure the mfgs love . I would think most of these are for larger rebate $ items, but the ones that really crack me up are the ones at Menar?'s. 50 cents here, a buck and a halve here.... not to mention .37 cents postage all to return "StoreBuck's", give me break!



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          Interesting discussion, even if the original poster has long since disappeared in a flood of disagreement.

          Greg---thanks for the stats---I suspected something similar---as I said further up the thread, coupons also have a very low redemtion rate, and come to think of it, how many people try to redeam them past the expiration date? ----sort of similar to sending in a rebate without all the paperwork----hey, mistakes happen.

          Story about the 50 cent or buck rebates crack me up.

          Oh, speaking of which, since that time of year is coming again, be sure to check out the day after Thanksgiving ad for your local ACE hardware. Every year they have a load of rebates on stuff, all on one check-off sheet, so all you do is send a receipt copy, with the form. They always seem to have some tool, with a full amount rebate, so all you pay is sales tax and 37 cent stamp for it.


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            I'm real bad about rebates. I never seem to remember to mail them before the deadline.
            I made an exception with the Ridgid/HD gift card rebate though. I got that one in on time. I had enough for $400 in gift cards. Although I found out about the program 1 week after I threw out the box for my sander so that box cost me $50.
            Now I save the UPC of of everything,just in case.