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Cleaning up machined surfaces

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  • Cleaning up machined surfaces

    The thermometer soared above 40° here in Michigan today, which immediately started me thinking about spring commissioning which involved a trip to the local boat store. I came across a product called Collinites’s No. 850 Metal Wax, for those of you that may not be familiar with Collinite; they specialize in waxes for the marine and aeronautical industries. After applying no less than a dozen coats of automotive wax to my tools since mid-summer, I was quite confident that my tools were sufficiently protected from the elements. I was astonished with the results obtained by using this product; rag after rag turned black while applying it (I assume it was removing oxidation that I had not detected). The end result is that all my machined surfaces now look better than the day they were unpacked. I have not researched if it contains any silicone since this has never been a concern for me, I don’t make a habit of leaving globs that may contact any lumber. If you have any rust forming (known or unknown) you might want to give this a try, only time will tell if its protective capabilities are as good as its cleaning abilities.
    Disclaimer: This is no miracle product (spray on, wipe off, Not!) the results obtained are directly proportional to the amount of energy exerted.

    Just thought I’d pass this along