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Crosscut sled for the TS3550?

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  • Crosscut sled for the TS3550?

    I just picked up my new saw today. It is now assembled to the point of putting on the rails. Hope to finish tomorrow. After I make some zero clearance plate throat plates, I want to build a good crosscut sled. Can you point me to some good drawings?

    Thanks for all your help up to now, great forum.


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    Re: Crosscut sled for the TS3550?

    Our resident jig master niki posted this thread a while ago that might be of interest to you. I can't wait to get a shop going at some point to use so many of the ideas on this forum. Check it out.

    A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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      Re: Crosscut sled for the TS3550?

      I have made several miter sleds loosely based on the one in the link below. Here are a few tips. 1) Make the base out of 1/2" rather than 3/4" plywood. You reduce the weight considerably without compromising functionality. 2) Make sure your fence is absolutely straight. That is harder to do than it looks. You will need a good straight edge and a feeler gauge to tell for sure.3) Accuracy is paramount. Do not trust your framing square when attaching the fence to the sled. Attach the fence temporarily in such a way that you can adjust it if necessary and use the 5-cut method and a set of calipers to check accuracy. You can find out how to do the 5 cut method by googling the term.


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        Re: Crosscut sled for the TS3550?

        I found this article at woodcraft. Looks alot better than the piece of s I made.


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          Re: Crosscut sled for the TS3550?

          The highlandwoodworking sled looks good, but I don't like that the push handle is directly in line with the blade. If it breaks loose (unlikely I know) your hand is going to go directly into the blade. The blade guard helps, but without it you could be in trouble.