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Home-vac to Shop-vac modification

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  • Home-vac to Shop-vac modification

    Good day

    Shop vac for all the small tools (I used it also for the table saw before the R2D2), the good news are that most of the dust is captured by the "gardening cloth" filter so the bag is filtering only the very small particles and doesn't get stuffed after short time.

    This vac has an adjustable power and usually, I don't use it on "Max" power except for the table saw or router table.

    I made the box at the size of the vac so I could screw it on top of the box and have it as a portable unit to keep the hose short.

    The gardening cloth that is used as a filter is washable and dries-up in very short time so you can use it many, many times.


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    Re: Home-vac to Shop-vac modification

    Cool, Niki. Looks like R2D2 has a spouse! Watch out for a bunch of lil hand held vacs to show up soon. :-)
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