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Ridgid 14" bandsaw help.

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  • Ridgid 14" bandsaw help.

    Does anyone know whare I may be able to find a fence that will fit this bandsaw? I am going to try my hand at making bent wood laminations, but first need to get a fence of some sort for re-sawing.

    Also, the saw seems to have a noticable shake/wobble when running. I'm thinking that the belt may be the culprit, so I'm thinking about installing some of the twist link belt. Anyone else know what I may be looking for, or is the wobble that I describe normal?

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    That vibration is not normal, there is something not right. Call Ridgid and talk to someone.
    I had a similar problem with my drill press, and just last week returned it and brought home a new one. Man what a difference!
    Rockler has a resaw attachment with a nice table and fence w/circle cutter.
    There are several other options around the $100 range. I bought the Ridgid fence as an accessory. It will soon be in storage as I'm looking into a aftermarket table/fence set up myself of better quality.
    I'll try and post some sites later today for you. Wife was due to have the baby the 30th and have to take her to hospital for tests this morning.
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