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    I'm just starting down the path towards purchasing an air compresser and nail gun(s). I have a question that is more from curiousity than a desperate need to know. With Finish nailers, they can be bought as straight or angled. With Brad nailers, I've only ever seen straight. Does anyone sell an angled brad gun? If not, why not? Thanks.

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    Finish nailers are mostly 15 gauge and most trim guns are 18 gauge. Never seen a straight finish nailer or an angled trim gun...not sure why.
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      Brad guns are 18 gauge, and all seem to be straight.

      Finish nailers come in 16 gauge and 15 gauge. The 15 gauge is angled and 16 gauge is straight in all the models I have seen.

      I have a 15 gauge, great for moldings around doors and windows, but a little heavy for most furniture work - where I use the 18 gauge a lot.

      I have often wondered if a 16 gauge would be enough smaller to be my only nail gun - but I suspect it would not be good.


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        I have a PC 16 gauge finish nailer that will shoot up to 2&1/2" nails. It is straight. I use it for all types of molding and haven't had any callbacks in over three years. The holes left are smaller than the 15 gauge nails. Once in a while I wish the nailer was angled--crown molding especially--but most of the time I can get by.

        I bought a combo with an oiless compressor. Man, that thing is noisy. It works well, but there are times it scares the stuffing out of a customers dog. For outside work, the noise isn't much of a problem.
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