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  • I just gotta ask this question

    Why do some people mount their router table in the right wing of their table saw. It's much easier to use in the left wing. Is it because they are raising large panels? Or what?

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    Darn I\'ve stretched this board 3 times & it\'s still to short.

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    I plan on mounting mine on the right since I will also be sliding my rails to the right as well for extra rip capacity. Why do you think it is better to mount to the left?

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      Most of the time, the rails are a lot farther to the right than the left. also, the table is bigger and generally has more support. (legs) The fence can also be used more effectively to the right. (with aux fence mounted).


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        Here's why I'm gonna do it...first off...I wouldn't want to remove either cast iron wing...these really help dampen blade and motor vibrations. Second....the rails on mine (2424) will be moved to the right to emulate the 3612...this will leave a big space on the right of the saw and the table will fill it up.
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          Most table saws made today have left tilting arbors. In this case the the larger rip capabilities are to the right to accomodate the left tilting arbor. To utilize the space between the fence rails, and to accomodate small shops, it's just a practicle, and convienent space saving location.

          I put mine on the right side for 2 reasons. First is I planned on filling the space under the right side of the saw with a cabinet, not leaving room for a router to hang. Second, it's cramped on the right side of my saw. There was plenty of space on the left side to work with the router wing.
          Also, the way my shop is set up, all sawing and machining process go in one direction to elimate the need to flip stock end for end. This also kept the routing process moving in the same direction.
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            Mine is on the right because it is much easier to use there. Can't imagine wanting it any other way.