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dust collector to "y" , or not to "Y"

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  • dust collector to "y" , or not to "Y"

    ok I was wondering to be efficient shouldn't a dust collecetor have just one inlet instead of a 'Y " that comes with most models? delta 50-760

    the "y" should be farther down the line next to the first machine . I have two, the saw and the jointer, the jointer is coming in on the week end..... the dust collector will be behind the wall 6 feet from the first machine and the jointer will be 4 to 5 feet from the saw.

    any comments will be duly srutinized

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    Re: dust collector to "y" , or not to "Y"

    A friend of mine has that DC hooked up to numerous machines in his shop. he even made a very spiffy custom collector thing for his miter saw. He uses blast gates on every machine. It seems to work just fine. He's quite the neat freak, and his shop is dustless for the most part.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: dust collector to "y" , or not to "Y"

      It does not matter if you Y or not.
      As long as the other blast gates are closed, the air in those have no momentumso the air mass remain inert in the path of those gates.
      Alway leave at least 1 gate open. Never run the dust collector with all gates closed.


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        Re: dust collector to "y" , or not to "Y"

        Here is the Multi-port I built. It has 4 ports, 3 angled 45 degrees and 1 at the bottom which is strait. Each port has its own blast gate.

        Note that no port is connected at 90 degrees to prevent air movment loss. The bottom it to connect a sweeping dock when passing the broom.

        You will note copper wires that has a clip at the end. These clip connect to the hose and the orer end of the wire are connected to the pipe to ensure grounding continuity. Then the pipe is grounded on the Dust collector.

        You may also note a switch. This is to remotely activate the dust collector.

        Plan for this Multi-port is in the book Controling dust In The Workshop
        by Rick Peters.

        Have fun,

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          Re: dust collector to "y" , or not to "Y"

          thats a nice setup Boo, so at the DC inlet you just have one inlet then?
          or have you just plugged one side of the "Y".....( most vavuccums come with a "y" inlet, as standard)

          So my question is should I remove the "Y" inlet and replace it with a single inletput a single inlet and have a "Y" further down the line or a box like yours.?


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            Re: dust collector to "y" , or not to "Y"

            It really shouldn't make that much difference. What will make a difference though is whether or not you use blast gates. Each tool should have a seperate blast gate to control its individual trunk line. When that tool is not being used, the blast gate should be closed.
            I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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              Re: dust collector to "y" , or not to "Y"

              I let the Y at the intake of the dust collector and connect my line on it. The other side of the Y is gated with the "rubber cap" suppied by Delta.

              In theory, It would be better to remove the Y and run a 6 inches line but working alone in my garage, I use 1 tool at the time. So that small theorical difference makes no diffwerence to me.

              For the line, I used rigid metal pipes used for home dryers pop rivet them at the fiont. Then siliconed the joint for air tight. I scewed a small metal screw to wihich I connected the ground. My Multi-port is isolated (wood) so this is why I connect the hose to the ground as the wood is not conducting.

              For the 4 inches flexible hose, I use the one with metal wire and not plastic. The metal wire connected to the ground is not building-up static.
              I use clear instead of gray so if clogged I can see it. Available at Lee Valley.

              I have a 13 inches Delta planer and I am telling you this setup sucks the chips like crazy.