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  • Selecting a new planer

    Hi everyone, I am in the market for a planer and I am looking at the Ridgid and the Delta 22-580. Could you help me compare the two?

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    Hi: in the May issue of WOOD magazine they tested various planers and give the results. The two you refer to are included. I was all set to buy the Ridgid planer but until they get this mess cleared up & someone has the gumption to tell the truth about what's happening I won't be purchasing any Ridgid products.


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      I've seen a few posts in other forums to the effect that the new Delta is very nice.
      Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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        If we knew Ridgid was going to continue to be Ridgid They have a good planer for the money. Good reviews as Kelly mentioned. But the way things are we are waiting to see if Ridgid is going to remain Ridgid or become just another Ryobi.


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          I like my Ridgid planer very much. I have seen an old Delta in use before, and wasn't impressed at all.

          The job site I'm working on is using a DeWalt planer on ceder to thin it for bending for trim work on radius's. It seams to make a big mess well enough.

          I'd read up on tool reviews in several magazines. Most of them are pretty straight forward, but don't take the advice of just one. I remember reading 2 shoot out reviews with the Ridgid planer in it over the past year.
          John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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            I have the Delta 22-565 planer - the single speed version of the 22-580. It is fine, but I used the Ridgid after I got mine, and the Ridgid is nicer - I wish I had gone that way.

            If you expect to need the warranty, then don't buy any tool. So if I were buying today, I would buy Ridgid - the past (used to build the unit) was great, even though the future (the warranty part) is uncertain.

            The Delta 22-580 is the only two speed planer in this product-space. Which sounds like a neat idea - move slower in the final pass, for more cuts per inch to reduce the planer marks. But I never had problems with planer marks - they were always easily removed by the sanding I do anyway. And when I sharpened my planer blades, the little amount of planer marks virtually disappeared.

            But everyone I know that has used the 580 likes it.


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              I am trying to understand the risk here? The Rigid planer you are looking at currently is the same one we all have. There are no new planers made in a different factory available yet as far as I understand, therefor it is a great product (I have used mine with great success for some time now)
              That being said... are you worried about warranty? I do not believe a company like Emerson will allow their reputation to be burned by dropping service or warranty on their product name. Although there was a "quiet" time with Ryobi when they went through their reorganization, the end result was still full coverage and service for all their existing quality tools dispite the fact that they started making crappy little hobby tools.
              I don't remember hearing that all Rigid tools would be discontinued. They are simply going to be manufactured by someone else.
              I would get the planer now before the new line is out. Please explain how you are going to lose if you buy the planer now?