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TS3650 fence problem

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  • TS3650 fence problem

    I'm having a problem with my new 3650. I have started to make some bigger cuts, and find I cannot use the saw's rule anymore.

    If I count on the rule for my cuts (which I do) once the fence extends past the cast iron table top, it starts cutting too short, by the time it's extended to 36" I am off by more than 1/16". The rails seem straight, no kinks etc., I never banged them and the box they came in was undamaged,

    I installed them as per the instructions, need one brass shim. Using a right-angle triangle, I find both rails bow out slightly (the back more than the front) from the table top side. Clearly, the fence is angling to the left, measuring from the mitre gauge slot, the back of the fence is closer to the mitre gauge by said 1/16".

    Any ideas?

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    Re: TS3650 fence problem

    Update to alignment problem:
    I re-read (ha!) the assembly instructions, which said to align the table extensions flush to the front (they are not identical to the table top). I had not quite done this (I tried to centre the extensions.) I used the supplied shims to align both rails and the spreader bar which resulted in 1/8" off front to back by the time the fence was out to 36".
    I took it apart, flushed up the extensions and and reinstalled rails/fence. It was now only off by 1/16" front to back, but still too much, especially since the fence tilted to the blade now(dangerous.) Perhaps the rails, which are aluminum, and very soft, bent just a little bit, or the front was off a bit to begin with, or both.

    I exchanged them for a new set (thanks H/D) reinstalled and all is well.


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      Re: TS3650 fence problem

      Good to know, Handyguy! Thanks for posting the problem and the fix. That could be why the new saw design has everything in one box...perhaps they were seeing a lot of rail problems.

      Good luck with the new saw!! Enjoy and be safe.
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.