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Need book on walk-in closets

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  • Need book on walk-in closets

    Does anyone know of a good book(s) on building walk-in closets. The room is finished except for the actual closet enclosures.


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    Re: Need book on walk-in closets

    There's an excellent book on such a topic and I believe it is actually called "Built-Ins" and it is on every bookshelf that I have seen at each Home Depot and Lowes!

    Sorry, can recall who the Author is but I definitely know that they carry it! I have actually picked it up several times and browsed through it. It was nicely put together too.

    Sorry for the delay of response on the post but I just noticed it today...
    (Lookin' through a family photo album with a friend)

    "'s my mom, and next to her is my baby brother Jason...and the guy right there holding Jason...yeah...him...the one with only one hand is my uncle Tony "Tablesaw" Thomas.....guess why we call him "Tablesaw"....