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Table saw blade speed (question)

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  • Table saw blade speed (question)

    Has anyone attempted to increase there blade speed from the normal 3450 RPM's by the use of larger pully's? I have used some saws that run from 4100 to 5000, that cut really fast an smooth. Let me know what you think about this idea.


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    interesting topic. My blade spins a on the higher end, but I have no idea what that means regarding the performance of the saw. Just a part of the saw I use.

    Looking forward to learning


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      I'm really not familar with the topic, but I may be able to lead you in the right direction. Jerry Cole, owner of In-Line Industries, sells, among other things, a contractor's saw upgrade kit. You can buy this kit from some of the mail-order catalogs or directly from him. The kit includes machined pulleys, a linked belt, and set screws for micro-adjusting blade parallel on saws that don't have micro-adjustment. I know he sells different sized pulleys and he once recommended to me that I could replace my machined arbor pulley on a TS2424 I used to own with a larger one. He said this would increase the rpm. This sounds like what you're interested in doing. You can reach In-Line Industries (small company) at 1-800-533-6709 or at He is a friendly guy and I'm sure he'd be willing to give you some advise. He is out a lot because he sells most of his products either on line or at woodworking shows, which are about every weekend. Regardless, someone at In-Line can get you in touch with him within a short time.


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        Mistake. I made a mistake in the above post. A smaller arbor pulley (smaller than motor pulley) provides more rpm. By the way, I went to the In-Line website provided in my post above and found more info. If you click on more information about the Contractor Saw Performance Package you will go to a table that shows the rpm for various combinations of motor and arbor pulleys.


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          I bought a set of pulleys from They told me to speed the saw up. I'm going to do it in a few weeks.
          Andy B.


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            Before tinkering with all of the engineering that went into your saw, remember that if you increase the blade RPM, you will decrease the blade's torque -- it would be exactly the same as shifting into a higher gear. You also have to take into account whether there are RPM limits on the blade you are using.

            For what it is worth, I once put a photo-tach on my 2424 blade (no special reason; I just happen to have a photo-tach for adjusting the electric tachometers on diesel engines) and found that it was free spinning at something closer to 3,800 RPM than the spec 3,450.