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  • Ridgid Premium Saw Blades

    Hi All,
    Does anyone have experience with the new Ridgid premium table saw blades? I have a TS2400 benchtop saw, which I love. I'm looking to replace the stock blade, and I'm thinking of getting one of Ridgid's new ones. They run about $65, which would be a good $40 less than the Forrest blades.

    How do the new Ridgid blades compare with Freud's Glue-Line Rip Blades?

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    I have a new Ridgid blade for cross-cuts I use on my 2424TS and a Freud Glue-Line I use primarily for ripping. Both have served me well and both are made by good companies, so I don't think either one would be a mistake. Good luck.


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      Haven't tried the new Ridgid blades yet, but the feedback I read is mostly positive. $65 is still a fair amount of cash for a blade with little history. There are a lot of good deals on Ebay right now. I've had great luck with some of the "regular" dealers there. You might consider looking at some of the better Freuds, DeWalts, Amana, or better (aka Leitz-made) Irwins. There was even a 60T 10" Ridgid blade last week that went for $10....I was asleep at the wheel!