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Ridgid Laminate Trimmer?

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  • Ridgid Laminate Trimmer?

    Hi All,
    I'm going to be getting a laminate trimmer in the next few days. I need to use it for hinge mortising, fine edge grooving, and of coure trimming laminate!

    The Ridgid model looks nice. And at $99, I think it's a good deal.

    I'm comparing the Ridgid to ones by DeWalt and Porter+Cable. DeWalt makes an edge-following guide which would be perfect for making grooves or doing other edge work over a curved surface.

    Does anyone have experience or ideas about any of the brands I mentioned? Or are there other ones I should consider?


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    I have the Ridgid. It's OK as a second or third router (or fourth in my case).

    1. Nice soft-start and top mounted toggle switch.
    2. Clear base aids visibility.
    3. Comes with adjustable roller follower guide and an edge guide.
    4. The extra long cord with included cord wrap and the lighted plug with tool icon is a nice touch.

    1. Crappy single-split collet. It's 1/4" only, but that is to be expected on a small router such as this.
    2. No spindle lock. You have to use two wrenches and on a small router like this there is not a lot of room to manipulate two wrenches for bit changes. It's easier to remove the base to change bits. Give me one good cast steel wrench and a spindle lock any day over two CRAPPY stamped steel flat wrenches.
    3. Lack of a precise depth adjustment mechanism. The rack and pinion design is good, but there is no knob to adjust with, you have to use your thumb on the pinion to make adjustments. The clamp screw is solid but to remove the router from the base requires you to unscrew the clamp nut over 12 turns, then press in and pull the motor out of the base. It ain't gonna fall out thats for sure, but it is a PITA when changing bits in my opinion.
    4. Spacing of the accessory rods used to mount the guides is not the same as other routers such as PC or Milwaukee. If it were you could use guides and other attachments with the Ridgid.
    5. You can't leave a bit installed and set to depth and store the router in the case. If the case layout had been done differently then there would be plenty of room to leave any bit installed in the router and set to any depth of cut within the routers' range and still stored away in the case. This means you have to remove the bit and set base to MAX depth of cut to put the router in the case. Very, very poor design on a otherwise nice storage case.
    6. No light. In fact, very few if ANY router offers a light as standard equipment r an accessary. 25 years ago I had a Craftsman router that had a nice light powered by two AA batteries, its a feature I miss on my current routers. But as we all know Craftsman quality has suffered in recent years and is generally regarded as DIY quality (if that) by most.

    If I were to do it again I think I would look hard at the Bosch Colt or some other make. Even the Craftsman All-In-One tool for less is a better deal than this I think. The Craftsman All-In-One for $39.88 comes with multiple bases and a flex shaft attachment and other goodies, power and speed range is about the same too if I remember correctly. The plungs base for the All-In-One also lets you tilt the motor so you can position the bit at an angle to the base, not just 90 deg. I'll admit that the All-In-One is closer to a RotoZip than a mini-router, but for less than half the money its worth considering when you look at the added features. If you want something strickly for trim or light-duty routing, then go with the PC, Bosch or another mini-router, or choose buy my Ridgid and I'll buy something else (I'd take mine back if I was within the 90 days).

    Sears item #00917252000 Mfr. model #2213

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      Thanks for your reply. I was wondering about the Ridgid's depth control.

      I am still considering the DeWalt, and also the Bosch PR20EVSK, which goes for about $110.