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    I am using my 2 car garage for a shop and ave totally taken it over (no cars [img]smile.gif[/img] ). I have just about finished redoing the layout now that I have a better understanding of how I use the space to build my projects. As part of this I want to heat the shop in the winter. What type of heater can comfortable heat a 19X19 space? Preferable something that wont sit on the floor and get in the way. My water heater is in the shop in its closet, so I do have access to a gas line and can go that way if need be. I am not going to worry about cooling it, it would break the bank trying to cool the garage in the hot texas summers. So far fans work well for that.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    My shop is 24x24 and I heat it with a ventless garage type heater of 30,000 btu off propane. I wish I had natural gas line close by!

    Tapping into your gas line should be easy. I have mine mounted to the steel entry door right behind the AFU which acts like a circulator for the heat. If your garage is wood, you might want to put a 3/4" gypsum panel behind your mounting point if you go this route.

    My heater was $125.00. Natural Gas is about the same. You can go one step further and get one that has a motor and fan in it. I live in mid lower michigan and wife just called me. Heater is set between pilot and low, and it's 80 degrees in the shop. It's all of 15 degrees today, and 10 to 15 mph winds.

    Good Luck!

    Good luck.
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      I have an attached garage that is 20 by 20 and my furnace and water heater are located there. I have natural gas so I bought a ventless natural gas heater to mount to the wall. I have called to have it installed and will post once it is done. I just finished wiring the garage last weekend with two 20 amp circuits and one 15 amp circuit for the lights. I will be insulating this weekend and then hopfully on to drywall next weekend. I will post before and after pictures once the shop is complete.


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        I just thought I'd put my two cents in. I have a 30x30 garage that is use for my wood shop and a garage I have a Reznor 65,000 btu heater and it does a very nice job.I have also ran it to a thermostat that is right by the walk in door.I plumbed it into my natural gas line off the house and vented it out my roof this model can be mounted within 1" of the ceiling so I can walk under it without hitting my head. This is the place I ordered mine and the best price I could find.