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  • Dust collection solutions

    Just bought a portable dust collection unit from sears .com and was wondering what you guys have done to your saws to get better dust collection. not real happy with the monkey way the plastic peices are on the 3650 but thought about trying to box the underneath of the saw off somehow.. Got a good deal on the dust collector and can't beleive i waited so long to buy one. Any way happy and safe cutting.

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    Re: Dust collection solutions

    Saws are somewhat difficult to collect on. The shroud on the 3650 is actually a pretty decent device and helps quite a bit compared to not having one at all. In order to get good collection on a contractor saw you need to close up the bottom and back as well. For the bottom this should also include a "drain" of some sort to get the chips via gravity.

    If you do this you will find that there is still a lot of dust in the air and on the table. To get that you will need some type of top blade shroud with a dc pickup as well such as those commonly found on over arm blade guards. If you are using a small diameter hose then this pickup will work best with a shop-vac type unit as opposed to a typical dust collector.