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Making extensions for kitchen table

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  • Making extensions for kitchen table

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas for creating pull-out extensions at either end of a kitchen table. So if you are sitting at one end, you just pull the extension from underneath and it lifts up to be inline with the main table top. I don't want anything that involves sliding rails or for opening up the centre.
    At IKEA, a friend mentioned that they use some sort of inverted T, but kind of difficult to build.

    How about if the table extension has 2 long rails underneath it. At the other end of the 2 rails, there is a another rail support piece that goes across and underneath the 2 rails to form a T. And that the rail piece rests on some 2x4 that is attached between the 2 side aprons when not in use. When in use, I think the rail support or T piece rests on top of the 2x4 and in turn the table ext is inline with the main table top.

    - - - < -------- rail support
    - -----------------
    - table - 2 rails -
    - ext -----------------
    - - -

    Would a swing out mechanism be more practical?