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    I would like to know on a tablesaw how long should a feather board be, I do not like the feather boards that are in the miter gauges. Dose any one know of a good plan for thin rip jig.Thanks
    Andy B.

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    Which direction do you think of as the "long" in a featherboard?

    My favorite is about 14" along the grain, and maybe 5" across. The feather part is about 6". I want it long enough to reach past the solid table so I can clamp it to the extension webbing.

    Unlike you, I do like the miter slot ones, but they only work for small offcuts.

    On the thin rip, the answer varies on which thin. If the stock is thin, you just need a fence that squarely meets the table, like a ripped piece of MDF attached to the T-slots of the fence.

    If the width is thin (narrow), I only cut those on the offcut side. I have not yet seen anything to make a narrow rip against the fence safe.