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Outfeed table for TS2400LS

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  • Outfeed table for TS2400LS

    I know it was not intended as shop saw, but I needed something easy to move and save space, so it's a given.

    Now, how to build an outfeed table for it and especially how to connect it to the saw, if at all? I am using a flip top support, but it is poor man solution that does not work good for sheet material.

    Any ideas?

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    I have tried to figure out the same thing. I am using a 18x30 ex. top with an outer rail built on it. It fits on top of a pair of sawhorses that were custom built to bring it to 3/4 inch lower than the table on the saw.It works OK and still lets you get to the back of the saw. I guess you could connect the top to the back of the saw.It would make it more stable.


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      Here's an example of an article on a folding outfeed table that uses a 3612, but it can work on a 3650.

      I'm planning on making one myself.



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        Thanks, but the saw in the issue is TS2400LS - the portable one, not the old 2424 or similar, so the link you provided, although is very nice unfortunately does not apply, since I don see the way to connect it to the saw.

        Any other ideas?


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          Since you are limited on space, I would suggest a table on locking casters that can be used as a combination outfeed table and assembly table.
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            Re: Outfeed table for TS2400LS

            After my wife decided I needed a retirement hobby and my daughter needed cabinets and shelves, I bought the TS2400ls also. Then I also figured I needed a workbench and outfeed table. I made it all into one about 1/4" lower than the table saw deck out of relatively cheap lumber. I used heavy duty locking 3" swivel casters (180 lbs?). I still have to add a "fold-down" backsplash to the bench but I'm almost done.

            (fyi - unless you shim under the saw wheels, the saw is not perfectly level with the floor).

            Even loaded up with the other tools stored below, it wheels around easily in my tiny basement area and it wheels up to the saw nicely for supporting large pieces.

            Hope this helps.

            First time I've tried to attach a picture. If it didn't work, I'll try again.


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              Re: Outfeed table for TS2400LS

              A picture, maybe?
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