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rough sawn lumber

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  • rough sawn lumber

    hi can anyone tell me how much rough sawn cherry that's been air dried for 4 to 5 years is worth per board feet.this guy i usually get pine and cedar from has got a pile of cherry behind his portable sawmill but i just dont know how much it is worth .any input would be welcomed.

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    Hi, here in "Amish" country, I can get kiln dried rough cut cherry for $2 a bf. It's at a local sawmill out in the middle of nowhere, they supply alot of the small amish woodworkers in the area. I haven't checked the moisture content yet, but it seems ok. I can get S4S cherry for $8 a bf.
    Hope this helps
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      Where in Amish country? I live on the eastern edge of that area and would love to be able to get my hands on some decent lumber fairly cheap. The closest thing to me is 84 lumber, and that surely isn't my idea of a good lumber yard.


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        I agree I'd be willing to drive up to get some decent lumber. Where are they located?



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          Hi guys,I live near Pittsburgh PA, this place is pretty close to Volant PA. About 50 North of Pittsburgh. If anyone is close enough to want to go, let me know and I will probably have to meet you somewhere and you can follow me in. It is in the MIDDLE of nowhere [img]smile.gif[/img] ).
          For the S4S stuff check out they ship.

          Some people\'s lack of a sense of humor ruins life for the rest of us.


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            I like the bargain, but I am not in Pennsylvania either.

            I am used to seeing select Cherry at about US$4-5 per board foot. #1 common, the next grade down, is about half that price. Wall Lumber has a good reputation on the internet -, but I haven't bought from them (yet). Also try Paxton or Hartzell Wood Source in Iowa -


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              Thanks for pointing out . This is the only place I buy my hardwood from. They do ship. They are about 45 minutes from me, so I just drive down and pick up a few 100 bf as needed. They don't have that stepped down pay scale that some yards do.
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                If anyone is near Toronto Canada looking for good rough lumber, the only place to go is Oliver Lumber. They have every type of domestic and exotic wood you could imagine. The warehouse is at least the size of 2 football fields and they are happy to deal with small orders. They supply furniture makers and other commercial companies so their prices are excellent.


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                  Recent Price list in front of me

                  Rough Sawn Cherry 7.25 per BF for 7/8 inch stock.

                  Location is about 1/1/2 hours west of Chicago. They have a good reputation and are priced well for this area.