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Noise when using dado blade

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  • Noise when using dado blade

    I have been using a dado blade set by avenger.
    I have it setup to twochippers and the two outside blades.
    I am making lap joints.
    It cuts fine but when I turn off power as the motor slows down I get a click and then a roooooar and the belt jumps.
    This does not happen with the regular blades.
    The dado set is an 8" 40tooth.
    I just wonder if it is too heavy or is this normal or is the belt slipping or what.
    Thanks James

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    Re: Noise when using dado blade

    The click is normal. Some of the more motor savvy than me can chime in here, but I believe it is when the last of the juice from the capacitor is expended and the contacts for the starter circuit close to ready it for the next start up. It may be centrifical switch, tho, but same effect.
    As for the "roar" and the belt jumping, the belt may be a bit misaligned or a bit loose. Mine does it to some degree (not enough to concern me) with a full dado set, but have not noticed the jumping belt (but never looked). My guess is that you do not have the 2 chippers set at 90 degrees to each other, so there is a little imbalance. When the pull tension is off the belt, you are getting some vibration from the out-of-balance set-up of the dado blade which is also still spinning the mass of the motor windings. I try to equally space my chippers to keep as much balance as possible in the heavier blade set-up.
    I use the Freud SD208 (8") dado set.
    Try to get your chippers balanced against each other, but I do not think it is something to be alarmed about.

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      Re: Noise when using dado blade

      My dado set has six teeth on the chippers so I can't set them 90 apart but will try to set them as opposed as I can. I do have them so that the stripper is nested in the gap on the outside blades.
      I will see if this helps.