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Rigid router kit.

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  • Rigid router kit.

    Ok people.I am in the market for one of those 2 1/4 HP router kits and I am seriously considering the rigid.Is it really that bad.I havnt heard very much good about it on these forums.I really like the above the table height adjustment(one of my big selling points)Is it easy to switch bases?

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    Re: Rigid router kit.

    I can't say whether it's good or bad, but I do know that there are several excellent well proven choices with similar features near the same price point that are a safer bet IMHO. Milwaukee and Bosch are a couple of major contenders. Milwaukee happens to be TTI's top line if it's a matter of brand loyalty.


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      Re: Rigid router kit.

      I've had my Ridgid router for several months now and love it.
      I have ran a LOT of lumber through it on a router table and it has never once gave me any problems. The ability to change the bit height while in the table was a big reason I bought it.
      And yes, it is easy to change the base, I have played with it a couple of times just for fun, but I hardly ever use the plunge base.


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        Re: Rigid router kit.

        I've had mine for awhile now. Bought it when HD was having one of those rare sales/discounts, so brobably saved 15% or so.

        First off, it's very well built and yes, the bases change very easily. I like the fact that it takes some of the Porter-Cable standard options like the edge guide, guide bushings, table plates, etc. Good long cord, excellent speed control, soft start, etc. Though a bit on the tall side, IMO, it does handle well and those LED lights in the base are a big help when shaping or finishing an edge, veining, etc.

        On the plunge base, I don't care for the throw of the plunge locking lever, it's a bit of a reach, but I have smaller hands. For a guy with big hands, it would be no problem whatsoever.

        The collet is excellent, and right up there with the best, at least with my limited experience. It also comes with both a 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch collets... NOT an adapter!

        As previously mentioned, there's some very good, and certainly more popular competitive routers. Many of them smaller and shorter in size and with more power. However, I don't see the Ridgid as being limited in power either.

        The LLSA is a big draw for me, as my intention is to use this as the principle tool in my new router table (Rockler) and it will definitely be getting a work out. I have two other routers for "hand-held" use, though the Ridgid certainly handled nicely in my 'playing around' trials. But I didn't find the plunge base much nicer than my cheaper Ryobi and, as mentioned above, the lock lever isn't as easily operated as it is on my Ryobi.

        So, my suggestion would be to go handle a few routers, including the P-C, Milwauki, DeWalt, and other top brands. See what "fits" your hands (and needs) and go there. You can buy the Ridgid and give it a trial and if you don't like it, they have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so you don't have to feel stuck or challenged to keep it. Who knows... maybe it will "speak to you"?

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          Re: Rigid router kit.

          I've had mine for about a year. The set works great. For added benefit, my porter cable fence fits in it perfectly. To top it all, I only paid $99.00. The promotion was open a commercial credit card and get $100.00 off.


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            Re: Rigid router kit.

            I've posted my impressions on it several times before here, maybe you've already seen the posts but it's by no means a bad unit. While there are some issues with the dust collection design and adjuster quality on the bases the biggest drawback is really that there are other routers at similar price points that are better designed in those respects.


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              Re: Rigid router kit.

              I purchased the router kit that you are mentioning, roughly a year (or-so) ago and love it! I initially purchased the Ryobi Table/Combo set (which came with a "free" router) in an attempt to save a few beans, to no avail. The Ryobi didn't have enough "fire" for I went and picked up the Ridgid set and mounted it onto the Ryobi table. Works fine for me, but I have had my eye on the router table by Kreg for a little while now and have decided that that is my next addition!

              As stated, the dust collection fitting is a bit awkward, as it is fitted a bit too close to the unit (as far as the the angle of it is concerned) and makes it a bit "snug" under the table when using it with a are gonna need, because the Ridgid has quite a bit of torque and the chips will need an escape "route"....hehe!

              Overall...I'd say go for it....I love mine.

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                Re: Rigid router kit.

                I love mine.
                I bought it in January.
                I can't believe more routers don't have those lights; it may seem like a silly gimmick, but they really make a difference.
                It's very easy to change bases.


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                  Re: Rigid router kit.

                  read my post on this other thread about the Milwaukee router combo.

                  Hope this helps.