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Delta tenoning jig on TS3650 - which?

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  • Delta tenoning jig on TS3650 - which?

    I need advice on a tenoning jig. The delta 34-183 and 34-184 are available at pretty similar prices, but I wanted to ask if anyone has a recommendation about either of them. I'll be using it on a TS3650.

    My guess is that the 34-184 is the newer model and seems a bit more adjustable.

    Does anyone have any experience on this one? I'm leaning toward the 34-184, but would like to know of any gotchas, etc. Recommendations would be appreciated.

    (I had a friend who had the grizzley and absolutely hated it. He never went into details but just referred to it in "unflattering" terms. So I didn't really consider it.)

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    Re: Delta tenoning jig on TS3650 - which?

    The 34-183 looks identical to my Woodcraft jig. Amazon has it for $109 shipped, the Woodcraft is $60. Dunno much about the 34-184, but even $98 shipped seems pretty high.


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      Re: Delta tenoning jig on TS3650 - which?

      OK, you tell me which one is the Delta and which is the Grizzly. I have the Grizzly and its very good. Of course, the Delta is more money, if the name is important to you. The Delta shown is the 34-184.
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        Re: Delta tenoning jig on TS3650 - which?

        I picked my delta up on eBay for about $30 plus shipping. You just gotta be patient.


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          Re: Delta tenoning jig on TS3650 - which?

          It sounds like I offended a couple of you with the way I asked the question. Sorry - I was trying to get info ONLY on the 2 Delta's because I was being offered a very good deal on either of them (my choice - a vendor made a huge screw-up in an order, I complained strongly, and that was one of the offers they made to keep from losing my business). But it's a moot point now, because I decided to exercise a different option and get something else from them altogether.

          I asked my friend what he had against the Grizzley. He's pretty reliable (and usually turns out to be more right than wrong) so I'll just post his experience and why he was so negative (BTW, he has a Grizzley bandsaw, so he doesn't hate them - just the tenoning jig). When he bought one it had a very large number of burrs on the base. He thought about cleaning it up, but decided that he'd rather return it and get a replacement. He did that, but he had to wait about 10 days for the replacement to come in. When it did, it was missing a part (one of the lockdown handles). So he returned it and bought a different one - and started badmouthing the Grizzley tenoning jig. Since I wasn't considering the Grizzley, I wanted to head off the anticipated postings about getting it instead (even though I like its price).

          Since I didn't get (and won't be getting) one of the Delta's, I note that Woodcraft is apparently a virtual clone of the Delta 183 and is currently $69 at my local store (they're out but will have more by the weekend they think) - and that the Rockler is currently on sale for $64. Does anyone have any info about either of them (pro or con)? Thanks.


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            Re: Delta tenoning jig on TS3650 - which?

            I would wait at least one more month. every other month woodcraft has the tenoning jib on sale.

            I have also hear that you will have to ajust whatever tenoning jig to the TS3650, the miter grooves don't seam to be standard with the blade so the jib does not ajust properly.

            Let us know...