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  • Powered Respirator

    I know that this probably doesn't belong here, but I for one would like to see Ridgid come out with a powered respirator. I'm thinking of something like what Triton has, only better!

    For a review of the Triton tool (to get what I'm talking about):

    I think this is something that is desperatly needed in North America, and especially by Ridgid...I like my orange tools!

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    So Mathew, please explain Ridgid's credentials in safety equipment? Frankly, while there are many good Ridgid tools, battery packs apparently aren't their strong suit.

    Seriously, stick with the established names in respirators---3-M, North, MSA, etc. If the work you're doing is potentially hazardous enough to require a respirator, don't mess with guess work or wait for one made by your favorite tool company.


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      Ah, well, for me personally, all I would need is one for wood dust, mdf, particle board...but how much does it take to throw in an approved filter for slightly finer particles?