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  • Jointer Outfeed Table

    The HD rep couldn't tell me why the outfeed table is adjustable on the JP0610 Jointer. Anybody know the answer? Personally, I thought it might be to align the outfeed table with the height of the cutter blades.

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    You are exactally right. Sounds unneccessary since we adjust each blade height individually its just that we do this during original set up. If the folks sharpening your blades are good they will grind each one evenly. This in effect lowers your blade height so the simple move is to lower your outfeed table to match instead of readjusting eachh blade individually again and again. Unless you are having jointing problems such as snipe or parallelism problems, you should never have to adjust the outfeed table unless you have your blades sharpened. I guess some people adjust each blade anyway therefore only using the outfeed adjustment to correct cutting problems. Hope that helps. [img]smile.gif[/img]
    - Tim


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      Set each blade evenly, to whatever point works well. It is a world easier to adjust a single outfeed table for proper operation, than to adjust an entire set of blades. Ask anyone who's ever had a jointer with a fixed outfeed table.



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        Tim/Dave, Thanks for your replys! I finished setting up the jointer today. A second person is definitely required for initial build, and to flip the thing back up-right.



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          Yes the outfeed table is adjustable so you can set it in relation to the blades. If you use the table the set the blades as the instruction says, the table itself will actually be slightly high. You will need to adjust table down so that when a straight edge is set above the knives and the cutterhead is rotated a knife will just pick up the straight edge and move it forward about 1/8"