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    Of all woodworking magazines out there, which do you think is the best?

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    The ones that are free at the public library. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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      Originally posted by Lorax:
      The ones that are free at the public library. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
      ditto once, twice


      It's a loaded question - each seem tailered in some ways to different audiences. Some more plans, some reviews, some ideas or shop related, beginner vs more advanced. Guess they all have a certain niche.

      Easier to answer if one has idea what you looking for in one. Or just a poll?

      If so - I can't answer. Like them all equally I guess. Pushing me huh....okay. Fine Woodworking by a hair [img]smile.gif[/img]

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      Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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        I take Wood, Fine Woodworking and Shop Notes love them all.


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          I like alot of them, but prefer FWW, Wood, and Shop Notes.


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            I like FWW very much, but it's nearly twice as much as the competition----I pick up a copy if something interests me.

            Favorites I subscribe to----Wood, Woodsmith.

            Pop. WW'ing is OK---some issues very good----buy it from the newstand.

            Am. Ww'r-----really loosing quality of articles---I now subscribe to it, but jury is out on renewing.

            Our library doesn't carry any ww'ing mags.


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              I think Woodsmith does a very good job. At least they really work the plans and give hints that are useful. Secondly they do the article on continous pages making it easy to follow. Of course their sister mag Shop Notes follows the same format. Seems like all the others fall into together, each being very good on any given issue.


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                I subscribe to Wood, Woodsmith, and Shop Notes. I'd agree that what someone will like will depend a great deal on what type of work they plan on doing. Wood is the favorite of my father who spent his career honing the craft of a fine cabinet maker. Shop Notes is especially good with details, illustrations, and tips on hardware. I also like their frequent jig plans. Shop Notes may be a good magazine for beginning woodworkers.


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                  Excellent suggestions, one and all! I currently enjoy Fine Woodworking (FWW) and Wood magazine. I haven't seen Shop Notes before so I will be checking that one out. Thank you all for the new recommendation. - Craig


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                    If your looking give this one a try...

                    It is Canadian so with the exchange rate it cost about $3.60 USD per issue.

                    Have a look at the site it has the current issue contents and they will mail you a free issue to check it out.

                    I have been a subscriber for 15 years and love it


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                      My favorite are Fine Woodworking, Popular Woodworking, and the American Woodworker. But there are many other good ones. I subscribe to the first two in my list.


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                        Being a relative newbie, I subscribed to a lot of them to get a feel for them - Wood, Pop Woodworking, AMerican Woodworker and ShopNotes.

                        After a few months, they all seem the same - a couple of projects, a few shop tips, tool reviews.

                        I think ShopNotes clearly stand out as they don't have any advertisements (and hence more trustworthy on tool reviews) and have decent beginner's projects.

                        FWW (which I browse at the store) is good if you are an experienced WW - the projects seem complicated.



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                          Just a thought on advertising----For several years, I only got Shop Notes and Woodsmith-----hence, no ads----You get pretty isolated from the tool market that way----heck, I actually read the ads in ww'ing mags.

                          As to FWW---just to note---it is almost two times more than most other mags. Have never understood why----they have just as many ads as the other mags. They do have advanced skill projects, which is great, but also, I have seen some of the dumbest shop tips there, and their tool tests/reviews are very poor and come up with sometimes, off the wall conclusions---i.e.---they've got a great ww'ing staff, but they are no machinery specialists---


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                            yeah, the shoptips are sometimes ridiculous and there is so much repetetion among the magazines...i wonder if these guys read each other's shoptips!


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                              I gathered this info. for myself, but I thought someone else might find it useful [img]smile.gif[/img]

                              American Woodworker 1 year (6 issues) $19.98.
                              Canadian Woodworking 1 year (6 issues) - $24.95 ($36.95CDN for US); 2 years (12 issues) - $44.95 ($71.95CDN for US); 3 years (18 issues) - $49.95 ($94.95CDN for US)
                              Fine Woodworking 1 year (7 issues) - $34.95; 2 years (14 issues) - $59.95; 3 years (21 issues) - $83.95
                              Popular Woodworking 1 year (6 issues) - $19.96
                              Shop Notes 1 year (6 issues) - $24
                              Wood 1 year (7 issues) - $26; 2 years (14 issues) - $44
                              Woodsmith 2 years (12 issues) - $28.00
                              Woodworker's Journal 1 year (6 issues) - $19.95
                              Workbench 2 years (12 issues) - $22.00; 3 years (18 issues) - $30.00