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  • Mitre cuts

    I recently purchased a ms1250 saw.I am completely green on power mire saw use.I cannot seem to find the right place to start cut to get the proper distance required on any given lenghth.presently I am attempting inside corner cuts on same piece.Any sound advice would be greatly appreciated.I have checked to make sure saw is set up properly

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    Cutting angles isn't the easiest thing to do, it takes a nak. One which I lack I'm affraid.
    What I do is make sure I cut the piece 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. And shave a blade width off at a time until it gets real close. At that point, I drop the blade (not running) and slide the stock up against the blade, not touching the teeth.
    Then hold the stock in place, raise the blade, fire up the saw and bring it down. What this does is shave about 1/64 of an inch at a time. Basically lets you dial it in.
    Hope this help, Good Luck!
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      I have teh same saw as you, so here is what I've found works for me.

      If you use a square and draw a pencil line on the piece, bring the saw down, and then adjust the wood accordingly, you can get pretty accurate cuts the first time. I always leave a small gap between where the line is and the blade looks to be. When the blade is spinning, the different angle teeth usually cut right to the line.

      Also, the blade that the saw comes with is petty good, but I notice some tearout/splintering in nearly every wood I've tried it on. I think I may end up getting a nice 80 tooth blade for the saw soon.


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        Thanks for the reply.I know there must be a way to accurately place the saw blade for proper cuts but expierence also plays a large part.I will be redoing all of the trim in my house I should be much better with this saw when I am done though I would rather not ruin good oak moulding in the process.The last time I did a project like this was with a hand operated mitre saw,thanks again for the reply. Greenie Kenneth from mi.