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Heating the workshop, pellet stove?

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  • Heating the workshop, pellet stove?

    Hi folks, I am retiring from my day job soon and am converting my two car garage into a wood working shop. I have been looking into options to heat it. A friend of mine came up with the idea of using a pellet stove but I have been unable to find one without the decorative brass and glass doors that tend to bring the price up to about a thousand dollars. Any one know of a place I can get an effecient workshop model without all the bells, glitter and whistles?
    It's 19 degrees hear in Philadelphia and I'm frozen to the workshop floor! Thanks. Go EAGLES!!!

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    I have een thinking about a wood stove from Harbor Freight (about $200) and ducting it outside the garage.

    I did a quick search and found this page...


    But the cheapest I found was $'s on this page...

    They're all gonna have the glass doors since they're really meant for inside the house, but you should be able to get one for Google....
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      Home Depot had a wood stove on clearance around here for around $250 that used pellets or wood. That was half off of regular price. You might find one there.


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        Why not look at putting in an overhead direct vent forced air gas heater? The newer ones run @$450 to $700 plus installation. They are direct vent heaters with sealed burners. No problem with water vapor since they vent to the outside. They can be purchased for either natural gas or propane. The pellet stoves sound great, but using one for a shop could be a PITA. You would have to keep the unit going during the night when waiting on finish to cure etc. Overhead heater on a thermostat would be a far better method for a full time shop IMO. You could even look at the wall mount or mobile home heaters.

        YEAH, GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!
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          Thanks Guys I will check out the options. I do have a Norweigen woodstove around that I may use for the remainder of this winter. Did look at HD but didn't see any pellet stoves that were reasonable, all in the $1000 range. I'll keep checking. Keystone, I like that propane idea! I will check into the local propane companies around here and see what I need to do to setup. I have looked around on the net and the heating units seem to be relatively cheap and reliable. Some have 10 yr warranties. I will probably hook one up in the spring or summer in hopes of finding a great deal somewhere. Meantime it is almost time for the birds to peck the heck out of those bucs!!!


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            jmho. but hot dog or L.B white are good, some of the brands claim to be vent free but they still smell when they've been burning awhile. I work for a heating co. and we've actually been putting in small 85%-90% direct ventfurnaces for about the same money as a hotdog.bill