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Ridig 2400 What dado set?

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  • Ridig 2400 What dado set?

    I am considering buying the 2400 table saw, and need to know if the Freud 8" dado set will work with the saw?
    Second part of the question is how to you thing the 2400 stacks up against the 3650 or 3660?

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    Re: Ridig 2400 What dado set?

    I have the ts2400 and it is a super saw, I love it!
    Great saw if you have a small shop or must go portable.

    But if you have the room and and money go with the 3650 or 3660
    especially if you plan on cutting sheet stock for cabinets.


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      Re: Ridig 2400 What dado set?

      IMO, a 6" dado set would be a better choice for the 2400.

      Comparing how the 2400 stacks up against the 3650/3660 is sorta an apples to oranges thing. These saws are aimed at two separate markets. The 2400 is geared more towards the job site construction user while the 3650/3660 more towards the shop/hobbyist user. Each style would be a good choice but the 3650/3660 is a better all around TS.
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        Re: Ridig 2400 What dado set?

        I use the Freud 8" dado set on my TS2400 with no particular problems.

        Still able to count to 21....


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          Re: Ridig 2400 What dado set?

          I use the 8" freud set on my 2400 with no problems either. I can feel the saw struggling a lot harder using full kerf blades during deep cuts than with the dado at full width. A 6" will be a little easier on the motor and bearings but I don't think the 8" will kill it unless you plan on using it extensively and frequently.


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            Re: Ridig 2400 What dado set?

            Aside from portability, there is no performance advantage for the portables over a good full size cast iron stationary saw. The full size saws have more surface area to work with (safer), more mass and stability (safer), quieter motor, lower vibration, stronger materials of construction, better long term reliabiltiy, and are just generally more pleasant to use. There's no shame in using a good portable if that's what you've got or need, but the full size saw is a better choice if you've got the space and are looking to buy.
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              Re: Ridig 2400 What dado set?

              I have a portable TS and have been looking to upgrade for some time now. I've used contractors and stationary saws and there is no comparison. Unless you have to fold it flat to store it, go with a contractors or hybrid for all the reasons hewood stated -larger surface, better safety and less noise.