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  • router table idea

    I had this brain wave.. just checking to see if this is a stupid idea!

    a few weeks ago my front load washer went and the parts alone to fix it was going to be 4 to $500 so we ended up buying a new one.

    I stripped all the good parts off and was going to scrap the shell. then I thought maybe I can turn it into a router table. since it 's fairly sturdy with the back screwed on and the height seems to be ok.

    I figure I could make a top for it and a new front with a divider half way down for dust collection and storage in the bottom.

    just looking for opinions on weather this is a good or bad idea?

    I would like to make it mobile so I can tuck it out of the way when not in use.

    I had originally started making a router extension for my TS3650 but thought this might be more practical.

    if I go this route what parts would I need for a fence?

    the only parts I have right now are the router insert and 1x T-Slot


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    Re: router table idea

    Well, I suppose you could...

    But, from my point of view, if you're going to have to make a new top anyway, you're going to have to do a heck of a lot of extra work on that dryer cabinet; certainly more so than you would, just making a leg set for the new top.

    If you were going to attempt to just mount the router in the existing dryer top, I would be concerned that the sheet metal wouldn't be stiff enough to support the router without sagging.

    Either way, my first concern would be whether or not the dryer cabinet would enhance the noise, rather than dampen it, especially if there was any vibration.

    As far as a fence is concerned, almost anything would work. It needs to be adjustable though. Take a look at some of the other router fences that are on the market like those available from Rockler, etc.




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      Re: router table idea

      I would imagine that the sympathetic vibration of the sheet metal sides would create a significant amount of noise.

      The router table on your saw would not take floor space as the saw footprint already occupies that space for the rails on the right. The router table on the saw would also be portable due to the Herc-U-Lift.

      For a router table, any straight board can serve as a fence and it can be oriented in almost any direction across the router table. Simply clamp one end and adjust at the other for bit the desired bit clearance then clamp that end.

      An advantage for the router table on the saw is the saw fence can have a thick board or hollow box with a bit cutout attached to the right side. the hollow box can be used tor dust control with a DC or shop Vac. The 3650 fence also has a micro adjustment knob.

      Just some ideas for consideration.


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        Re: router table idea

        Now I am all for using whatever I can to get by cheaper or make things better, but I just see this turning out as something you wished you would not have done. The noise would be incredible coming off that sheetmetal and this whole thing will take up what?, another 9 sq.ft or so off valuable shop space.

        Personally seeing as how you already have a 3650, I would continue on with putting the router in the extension table and use that wasted space for something. I was excited as heck whenI got my 3650 and saw ideas on here to incorporate the router into the extension table. In my shop, space is at a premium as I share it with my other hobby of restoring cars, so if I can get rid of another table I am all for it.