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TS2400 Won't Stay Parallel

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  • TS2400 Won't Stay Parallel

    I've had a TS2400 for a bit over 18 months. I've been in love with the thing until the past few months. The reason for the change of heart is she won't stay parallel. Neither the blade nor the fence will stay parallel to the miter slots.

    I can adjust the blade to be within 2/1000th front to back, rip 6-8 boards and the blade is now over 1/100th (one hunredth) out of parallel. I can adjust it again, snug the bolts down good and tight, rip another batch of boards and it's way out of whack. Rip fence is behaving the same.

    I've tried a new blade; switched from a Freud to a WWII with no affect. I've run maple, poplar, cherry, crappy HD plywood, baltic birch ply, and MDF through it; same behavior.

    It's not very productive to have to adjust the blade and fence every 2-4 cuts. On the upside, I'm getting really good and adjusting the blade and fence

    My only guess is that I have some sawdust or other debris lodged where it shouldn't be, but I have no idea where to even start looking. It also seems way to spooky that both the blade and the fence started behaving the same way at the same time. I think someone placed a hex on my saw....

    Any thoughts, suggestions, incantations, etc. are welcome!

    Still able to count to 21....