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  • Accessories for major tools

    Hi I ran into the Ridgid guy and asked him when Ridgid was going to offer accessories for major stationary tools. He smiled and took me over to his case and handed me a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper listing accessories on both sides.

    ZCTP TS3650 & TS2400-1 AC1045 Price $25.59
    Dado/Molding insert plate AC1040 $22.59
    Band Saw Rip fence AC5001 $58.47
    Band Saw Riser Block AC5005 $58.47
    Cool Blocks Blade guides Ac5007 $21.37
    Drill press Mortising Kit AC6005 $42.09
    Jointer Knives AC8600 $26.17
    Planner Knives for TP1300 AC8630 $35.69

    On the paper was an 800 number to call.
    1-800-539-1710 or you can order these through HD Special Services desk.
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    I had an earlier version of that sheet 18 months ago when I bought my 3612. Somebody should go to jail for trying to sell that .10ยข piece of plastic ZCI for $25+.

    A sheet of paper is one thing but the actual part in hand is another altogether. Way too many people have complained about the inavailability of certain parts for me to buy into the fact that parts are just an 800 number away. That is unless Ridgid or TTI or whomever it is that supplies parts has finally gotten their act together. Has anyone tried to order the jointer knives, planer knives or riser blocks recently using that 800 number and had a hassle free order? I sure hope so because I don't like the reputation Ridgid is getting for service after the sale.
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      I've seen the jointer blades on sale at HD for $12 recently. Now that I just stumbled across a grey jointer that is now in my garage, maybe should go pick up a few sets.


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        Those blades for $12 are on clearance, so I would go get them if I were you.


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          Been wanting a riser block for awhile and decided to call. After being on hold for about 4 and 1/2 minutes was told that the AC5005 was not in stock and the cost was $132.48. Ask the Ridgid sales guy to call while you wait and see what he says. Please don't take this as a personal affront, I know you were just reporting what he told you. Hope it comes to pass.


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            By the way, the number is 866-539-1710. He had the wrong number.