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TS3612 Continuing saga

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  • TS3612 Continuing saga

    I am new to this forum and thought I would relate my experience. I had shopped for a TS and was impressed with the Ridgid offerings. Unfortunately I did not find out about this forum until I registered my TS2424LS purchase. This was after assembly which went very well, I might add. I am very impressed with it.

    My experience with the sales associate at HD went pretty well except that he did not mention the 3612. As I was helping him put the saw on the cart (the top box of four on the floor), I jokingly told him I really wanted the one on the bottom. His advice was that it did not have the three bonus items with it (anyone care to guess what the bottom three boxes were). After I spent several hours in this forum I was a little confused and unhappy. I sent an e-mail to Jake at 1:15 in the morning and had a reply with answers to my technical questions by the time most had their second cup of coffee. I don't think it can get much better than that!

    After much wringing of hands and research it looks like the main differences is the fence and possibly the micro-adjust trunion (some have said the late 2424s have it). I guess I am too ruined by having had two low end bench top saws with very cheesy fences because the 2424 fence seems super solid. After waxing the top and rails I think you could blow the fence across the table.

    I went back to HD tonight and the department manager was very helpful and said bring it back and get a 3612 and a credit on the account. I am just not looking forward to transporting a 240# saw and assembling another one.

    My question is whether the new fence is really that great of am improvement? I plan to shift the rails right and add a router table (either a Craftsman that I was given or building one from a laminate counter top sink cutout that I have). Also does anyone have any comment about the mitre clamp that came with the 2424, it (as well as other manufacturer's) seems awkward? I plan on making my own dado plate if I get the 3612.

    Do these differences make it worthwhile to haul it back, assemble the 3612, and have to buy (or make) the dust port?

    Sorry for the long post but thought I would share. I am looking forward to setting up whichever saw and making many pretty things so the family treasurer won't send me to my corner.

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    If the manager offered---I'd take him up on it. While the 2424 is a great saw, the fence was not it's best feature and Rigid made great strides, as I understand it, by improving the fence on the 3612.


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      Well, I just finished putting together a TS3612. It looks like a pretty good improvement in the fence except the spreader bar at the right end of the rails leaves a little (ever so slight) to be desired. It is functional and will be fine until I build a table to fill it in. The change to the rear trunion adjustment is that the two set screws have been replaced by a lever with an eccentric. It appears to be a good improvement but I did not try it as mine was .006 out with a dial indicator. It did seem a little harder to align the fence rails possibly because of the bolt positions and the outrigger like right side.

      Overall, I would probably not go through the effort of hauling it back and putting another one together if this were not the last table saw I plan buy. Both seemed like super products with no shortcomings. The 40 tooth blade had virtually no runout and cut cherry like glass!

      Home Depot did a great job to make me happy and keep my business. They were very apologetic about not giving me the opportunity to get the 3612 in the first place and said they would try to do better. We must remember Ridgid is not the only items they carry. I think that stronger support by Ridgid Reps would go a long way. They gave me a substantial credit on my account and said keep the dust port. They were going to sell the assembled 2424 at a slight reduction.

      I would give two thumbs up to the East Asheville Home Depot and staff.