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Herc-U-Lift Plus Mobile Base

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    If anyone is interested, I purchased a Port A Mate Adjustable Universal Mobile Base at Menards for $44. It's not as "nice" as the Herc U Lift but it does the job and fits the Rigid Jointer.


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      Originally posted by swede

      Unfortunatley, the Herc-U-Lift mobile base does not fit the JP0610. I had the same thought with mine. Looking to make my own. The Jointer is just too heavy to move around bu myself!

      Good Luck,

      What about the Herc-U-Lift Plus? It says any open legged Ridgid tool.

      Followup, downloaded the guide for the AC9950, i guess the JP0610 is not considered open legged, so, my bad.
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        scboyd :
        i dont know if this is what you want but i went to princess auto in whitby and picked up a hardwood platform dolly thats rated for 660lbs its on sale now for 19.99 .
        i just put my planer on it with a couple of boards under for support


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          I assumed you wanted something where you can roll it, but also flick a lever and sit it solid on the ground. That is what I am looking for.


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            On another note, I called the ordertree about this base and they quoted me $150 for this unit, I found it on the Home Depot web site for $49, then went to my local Home Depot and picked it up for $29. It will work for my Bandsaw, i wish it would work for the drill press and jointer for that price.


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              Re: Herc-U-Lift Plus Mobile Base

              Ihave been looking like crazy for the herc-u-lift base in the home depot website, and I have checked three local HDs for the base, but I can;t seem to find one anywhere (exceopt ebay, of course, but tht's too expensive). Can you send/post a link to where you found one online?


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                Re: Herc-U-Lift Plus Mobile Base

                Unfortunately, I think you're out of luck. HD no longer carries them - unless you happen to find one squirreled away on a shelf somewhere. There are some other mobile bases out there that are decent. But admittedly none as functional and ingenious as the Herc-U-Lift.