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TS2424 Rip fence micro adjustment loose

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  • TS2424 Rip fence micro adjustment loose

    I need some advice reguarding the micro adjustment on my TS2424's rip fence. The brass sleeve holding the sliding shaft which connects the hand knob to rubber hemisphere is loose. I've tried using pliers to tighten the fit of the clip securing the brass sleeve without much luck. With the a loose micro adjustment the rubber hemisphere slides beneath the fence rail and gets very little grip. Does anyone have advice on how to fix?
    My TS2424 was a demonstrator model I purchased from Home Depot during the last days of 2001. I've cleaned up the surface using the helpful advice from this forum (Cleaning TS242 surface) now I'm working on fixing the micro adjustment on the rip fence. The adjustment must have been abused over the years at HD. I did notice it was loose at the time of purchase but thought I could easily fix it.

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    If the bushing is loose I would just replace it. You can order any parts you need from

    Here's the link to the fence: