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  • align ts3650

    I just got the 3650, the blade is out 1 degree from 90, the bottom is kicked out. Now comes the hard part, in order to align the blade should i 'move the rear or front trunnion? also where should i 'tap' the trunnion to adjust this & not knock the whole thing out? Any suggestions or tips?

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    Re: align ts3650

    If you are talking about vertical ("out of 90"), the adjustment is the left little set screw (allen head) in the table top in front of the blade. The trunnion mount bolts have nothing to do with adjusting for vertical or 45 degree bevel. If the top of the blade is too far left, turn the screw counter-clockwise (back it off)., If it is too far right, turn it clockwise). The right hand little screw is the stop adjustment for the 45 degree bevel. Make sure the bevel lock (handle under front of table) is not tight and also bevel the blade a little to take the tension off the stop before trying to run it in (clockwise). Then run the blade back against the stop and recheck.

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