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  • new router

    is this a good router to purchase

    I just have a black and decker pluger at the moment and am trying to install a table to my 3560TS extensions as per the pics on the site here.

    my ridgid planer came in today

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    Re: new router

    Can't say from first hand experience, but it gets great comments from owners, and is one of only a few that allow above table bit changes, which makes it a great choice in a router table. The Freud FT1700 and FT3000 also allow above table bit changes.


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      Re: new router

      i have owned the triton for several months and i love it.

      i have it table mounted and is very easy to change the bits

      from on top. the only thing i removed from the router was the

      plastic shield which covers the on and off switch (no big deal to remove) i do a lot of stiles and rails as well as raised panel and

      other types of router work, i don't think you would go wrong with this purchase, i also purchased the mounting plate from woodcraft

      which is made for this router approximate cost for the router was $200.00 and the plate was $65.00 (worth a look