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  • 3650 serial #'s

    Just got off the phone with tech support and they do not know what the date or serial # of the units being produced are now being produced with the fixed arbor. So i dont think a 3650 is in my purchase plans. I dont want to buy a new saw to have to take it straight to the repair center for fixing !


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    Here's a novel approach;

    1. Purchase a TS3650 from HD.
    2. Before you leave the store, open the box and check out the arbor.
    3. If the saws arbor is one of the bad ones, immediately return the saw.
    4. If the saws arbor is not a problem, take the saw home and let the fun begin.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Don't know about the rest of you but my 3650 was stored upside down and under a ton of stuff in the box. I do not think there is a good way to open that box and see the arbor before leaving HD.

      Just buy it and swap out the arbor. It wasn't all that hard. Just buy an extra set of bearings to be safe.

      my $0.02


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        I just got off the phone with customer support regarding the arbor and they told me that because I'm located in Canada I must send my ts3650 to a repair center and that because of the difference in the canadian warranty I would not be able to replace my arbor myself.... They gave me the telephone numbers of two repair shops within driving distance but both of them are unaware of the problem and would require me to bring my saw into the repair center to verify that there is even a problem with the arbor before they would contact and order the part. The turn around was quoted as being between 30 and 60 days.

        Are there other canadians who have experienced this or have I been given a line by customer support?

        Btw thanks for all your posts regarding this issue as I wouldnt even know about this problem if HD had a uptodate book with the proper part number for the dado insert. I quick search online for the insert lead me here. I guess I dont need the insert anytime soon..


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          I wonder if the local Service Center would let you take a picture of your arbor to confirm that it needs replacing? If so, then I wouldn't see why they couldn't just order the part and when it comes in schedule a day to fix it. Unfortunately, you'd still have to lug the saw into the Service Center but the turnaround time should only be a day or two.
          I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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            Hi scboyd

            I am from Canada, and just emailed customer service with my SER# and address.
            They emailed me back the next day and said that a shipment was sent to the
            Canadian distributer and my info was passed on to them.

            It took a couple of weeks but my new arbor arrived and I am in the middle of
            taking the old one out. Just have to get the snap ring off and I will be set.

            Hope this helps


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              I was taking off my arbor and my bearing on the blade side came off with the old arbor.

              It basically mangled the old arbor and bearing getting it off (really for the sake of having it to take with me to buy a new one more than anything else as i quickly figured out it wasn't coming off nicely).

              What's the best way for putting it back on without punching out the OTHER bearing?