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TS2412 rails on a TS3650???

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  • TS2412 rails on a TS3650???

    Just getting around to assembling my TS3650 I bought at Christmas and can see my workspace is going to be really tight. I know someone selling some TS2412 rails. Would these fit on my TS3650 and work with my fence?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The 2424 rails will fit your 3650 saw but the 3650 fence won't work with the 2424 rails. If you're interested in a trade...I have a 2424 fence that I'd be willing to trade for your 3650 fence. Shoot me an email or reply here if you're interested.



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      You need to watch fences, as they fit specific rails. If you trade make sure you include the fence. If room is the only problem you can slide the fences over like the 2424 or 2412. It will work fine but the rip scale won't be correct. You could get an adhesive backed measuring tape and apply that over what's there. I would keep the original on it in clase you find more room for your saw.


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        Just slide the 3650 rails over & get a stick on tape if you want or else just use a tape. I put the 3650 rails & fence onto my 2424. The 3650 is much better IMHO !


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          Will the 3650 rails fit the 3612?


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            Other than some color changes, I can't tell the difference between the fence and rail systems on the 3650 and the 3612. They look identical to me.
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              There are changes in the head of the fence. The micro adjust feature works better. The head itself is larger and conforms to the shape of the rails. The rails interchange on the different models as long as you are using the fence that came with the rails.