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Sink cut-outs near backsplash

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  • Sink cut-outs near backsplash

    When cutting out for a sink in a factory bought counter top with a preformed backsplash, I do it with a jig saw. The front and side cuts from the top and the back cut next to the splash with a jig saw from the bottom side of the counter top. The sink needs to be close to the backsplash and the base of the jig saw will not get close enough to make the cut from the top side of the counter. Anyone have another technique or tool? Thanx

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    Re: Sink cut-outs near back splash

    I generally cut all my counter tops from the bottom before they are fastened to the cabinets.

    If you have already fastened it or cannot remove the top I use a 1 1/2" hole saw on all four corners and then use a reciprocating saw with a 6" blade and my cutting line is taped with masking tape. On the other three sides I use a reverse tooth jigsaw blade with lines taped with masking tape. Be careful, you can chip the top very easily.

    Hope this helps
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      Re: Sink cut-outs near backsplash

      So you use a saws-all on the back-splash (line) cut. Are all your cuts done from the bottom side before instalation? Hadn't thought of a saws-all...maybe it (saws-all) could cut the back line near the splash from the top side , also?