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JP0610 Outfeed table flatness

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  • JP0610 Outfeed table flatness

    I just purchased a Rigid JP0610 planer and I am having troubles seting up the outfeed table or knifes. The outfeed table is within .004" in the long direction which seems fine. However in the cross direction right at the front (right next to and parallel with the blades. The table has a cup in it. I measure it to be .006" in the center of the 6.5" width. Now depending on where I set my fence the outfeed table will differ from the top of the knives, which I beleive is causing my problem. Not to mention the 90 degrees on my fence changes with its location to the outfeed table. The infeed table is nice and flat. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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    I'd check with Ridgid to see what the tolerances are. .006 isn't all that much when you consider wood movement and swelling and shrinking with moisture content, but it never hurts to be sure.


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      Just a follow up to any one buying a new Rigid Jointer. I exchanged the bed assembly and brought the new one home. Put the straight edge on across the outfeed table just at the begining (nearest the knifes) and it had the same concave surface as the first jointer. The edges of the bed were high, the center of the bed was .008" low. This is unacceptable. You can never get the outfeed table to be perfect with the knifes with this much of a gap. When you move the fence in, the outfeed table will be too low in the center. This may have been a bad batch as the serial numbers were only 4 apart. Went to look at a Delta and the bed was very flat across the outfeed table no gap at all. Decided not to take a chance on a third one, so returned the Rigid to HD and bought a Delta instead, very happy with the quality and now that I have tried them both I think I will appreciate the rack and pinion fence on the Delta better also. Just a warning and take it from me after moving a jointer three times in to my basement, check at the store for a nice flat bed before taking it home!!