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Help - Hose Too Stiff

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  • Help - Hose Too Stiff

    I've got couple of Ridgid shop vacs in my garage. They work fine but the black hoses are too stiff and drag the machines around, bumping into things, etc, a real pain. Tried splicing two together, a little better but impossible to rollup. Anyone know of more flex replacement hose, like you see on some of the big dust collectors, but smaller diameter? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Fred

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    You might try checking with a store that specializes in selling vacuum cleaners and assorted stuff.
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      Totally agree, this is a pet peeve.

      I was looking at Mr. Nozzle which some of the Woodnet guys recommended, but they are $28 and I would sure like to see one first. That's a lot for a hose if it doesn't flex more than the one I have!

      Anyone here tried that one?

      The super flexy kind that Hoover installs on the Wind Tunnel series for accessories would be perfect, but I don't think they make 2 1/4" sizes....


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        I go to an industrial hose company
        They can show you what they have and make up any length you want A lot cheaper.


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          I have a length of the "mr. nozzle" . It is flexible but diameter is a lot smaller than the standard you find on the ridgid vac. It's also long, about 10 ft, I'm not engineer but I believe you lose some of the suction over that length plus the smaller diameter. Guess I'll keep looking. thanks


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            May sound stupid but went to guy I know at a do-it-yourself car wash and asked him where they buy them from.
            Left with 2 cut-offs from him, about 27' total. Did not need to splice as ended up cutting further to fit needs.
            He never gave me a location/supplier - just said I have some and here. $25.00
            Very soft and flexible, works great. Drawback is the color - a soft rose like color. Not pretty against green,yellow,white and orange too. But the price and quality is superb.
            May want to call some speciality supplier for these guys or better yet....go there with head down and just ask. Nothing to lose.
            You may need to modify ends for needs - rockler had fittings.

            [ 12-16-2003, 02:31 PM: Message edited by: Smokin'Joe ]
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              Smokin'Joe......quote "Drawback is the color - a soft rose like color."

              You got a problem with havin that color in your shoppe ???
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       sells vac hose and cuffs


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                  Originally posted by ralphthetoolman:
                  Smokin'Joe......quote "Drawback is the color - a soft rose like color."

                  You got a problem with havin that color in your shoppe ???
                  welllllllllllllllllllll. naaaaaa. wine colored with sawdust looks okay I guess, trendy like
                  Stopped there last night to wash out the Xmas tree needles from box on my truck and asked Tom where supplier was and if he had number to post up here. He looked at me and stared for a few seconds. Turned out he's been having some clowns cut off hoses from the vacs 2 times and asked when I opened mouth about this "idea' to forum. No Tom - not us! Dang -it had better be kid's playing mischief or we'll be get labeled and be known as Hell's WW'ers by media
                  wonder what kid's would be doing with several hundred feet of hose he's had swiped....almost afraid to know
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                    I have been using a rubber hose intended for a central vac system (by Vacu-Flo) and find it very flexible and durable. It is only 1 1/2" diameter, but that works great for most handheld tools (fits my DeWalt ROS and Freud biscuit joiner perfectly). I'm sure that you could find an adapter somewhere to change it up to the 2 1/2" size found on many bench tools.


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                      Originally posted by Andrew Benedetto:
             sells vac hose and cuffs
                      This is a good website, sent them an email requesting a catalogue. Thanks. Fred


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                        My brother is a carpet maint. owner and that is where I buy my hose too. If you call them they can help you, I had to add some tape to the cuff to fit tight in the Ridgid vac due to the hose lock. My brother the plastic hose on the shop vacs are terrible. I did buy some black plastic hose 1 1/4" for small tool use and it is much more flexible than the kind you can buy in the stores.