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  • New Ridgid Tools Pricing

    Here's a site giving the new pricing on the complete new range of tools and machinery. Makes the present sell-off of the old color equipment even more attractive!


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    Geeesssh! And just who do they suppose is going to buy at those prices!???? The company known for making throw-away tools purchases a tool name and logo, and all of a sudden we're supposed to believe they make a better product than similar tools from other companies with long-time reputations!

    Guys, I'd send that one back to the drawing board!


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      Interestingly enough though, the woodworking equipment seems to be priced pretty much in line with the current equipment. Granted, the cordless tools do seem to be priced high, but the 3650, band saw, lathe and drill press don't seem out of line to me.


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        I'm betting that those prices are MSRP and that HD's prices will be less than those.
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          Badger---you could easily be right, but what is the difference between published MSRP when you only sell through one retail outlet?

          BTW---I stopped looking at the prices after the cordless tools-----I could buy a Makita or other brand of the same tools for much less and wouldn't be spending money on an untested product!


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            Was at HD this afternoon and they had the new 10" and 12" CMS's w/lasers on display. Made a note that HD is selling the 10" for $199, Northstate lists a price of $239 on their website. Tool Dude told me that it wouldn't surprise him if the tool go on sale every now and again. Thats not normal for HD but you never know.

            FWIW, the laser device is the exact same one thats on my Craftsman CMS but I'm sure that surprises no one.

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            Diapers and Politicians need to be changed often... Usually for the same reason.


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              I must admit that I’m not as skeptical as some of you as to the quality of the new hand tools but the prices are roughly 15% higher than I’d anticipated. If that is indeed the price they expect the public to pay, I think they will quickly realize that they overestimated the power of orange when you can buy proven tools with established names such as Milwaukee for the same price.



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                well guys, my 18v, hammer drill, 1/2" chuck ewalt came with 2 batteries, and a 1 hour single battery charger. It was 289.00 at the time. if you wanted a 15 minute charger single battery only add another 100.00 Dewalt had 18v batteries on sale at lowes and HD 2 for 99.00 a couple of months ago.(I bought 4) they are back up to 89.00 each now.

                so i guess the difference would be the double battery, 30 minute charger.don't know if that would be enough to make me switch. NOW IF THEY PAINTED IT DAYGLO YELLOW............ naw, I think i would have to test it to see if it was really that good.

                A question too. Are these considered woodworking tools, because if not I wonder if home depot will have exclusivity on cordless tools. You can buy some other ridgid tools like pipe threading tools from other places than home depot i believe.

                happy woodworking guys

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