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dust collection up or down

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  • dust collection up or down

    I have a question about this unit

    the delta I wanted has been back ordered another few weeks, it is already 3 weeks late.
    Boss is quite sorry for the inconvience, and will let me have this samona unit for the same price but I have to pay a bit extra for the extra heavy frieght weight.
    I was planing to run 6" duct at the cieling of the shop and drop down to 4 inch to the 4 machines I have TS, Bs, planer, and jointer.
    I see the samona has the input at the floor can I connect it so the input is up at the cieling so as to save 6 to 7 feet of duct , or am i just a bozo

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    Re: dust collection up or down

    Just from looking at the unit, it seems that you might be able to mount the intake "upside down". You'd have to build a frame to hold it, and it would have to be fairly strong to take the torque from the fan. There may also be problems with that configuration due to the fact that it was engineered to blow the dust UP to the collection units. I don't know that changing that configuration would actually work.

    It's a 3HP unit, which is pretty strong. Seems like it'd do a decent job of sucking. Remounting the intake is probably way more work than you need, compared to the cost of dropping your ceiling mounted piping an extra 6-8 feet to the intakes.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.