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    Jake or anybody,
    Who makes the blade that comes on the 2424? What is the quality compared to a Freud Combo and Is it worth the $ to resharpen in your opinion?

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    I am not certain but the blade that comes with the saw looks exactly like a Vermont American blade. The J shaped expansion slots are the same as those on Vermont Americans master series saw blades. As far as comparing it to the cut quality of the Freud blade that depends on which combo blade in their line up. I have both Freud combo blades the TK 906 and the LU84M011. Both cut very well for me giving better results than the stock blade but not extraordinary. With proper saw set-up and a decent blade your cuts will be fine. If the stock blade cuts well but needs sharpening by all means have it sharpened and get another blade to have around while one is out getting a new edge put on it. Just my humble advice. Good luck.


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      Hey Justin,
      If you decide to get your blade re-sharpened, or while you're deciding, you might try what seems to have become the standard fine all-purpose blade: The Forrest Woodworker II 40-tooth combo blade from Amazon ($99). I've heard some people gulp and gripe about the price BEFORE buying one, but none after. Sweet little blade.

      I keep my OEM blade for cutting MDF/particle board, etc.

      rotsa ruck & bee safe

      Rodney J in TX


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        Gregg you are right. The RIDGID blades on the table saws are made by Vermont American. I'll let the other guys comments on resharpening.