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    Re: band saw vibration

    Originally posted by CheekyMonkeyWrench View Post
    what is there, one decent review on that Delta? you're only here to defame Ridgid.

    I like Ridgid tools. I'm disappointed that the quality of the bandsaw doesn't even come close to the excellent quality of my (Ridgid) jointer.

    Seriously, how hard should it be for them to install tires that actually fit on their bandsaws?

    I do appreciate your completely unhelpful post though.
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      Re: band saw vibration

      The list of things that can cause or reduce/eliminate the problem is lengthy:

      1. Pulleys are not parallel or in same plane.
      2. Make sure feet are all in good contact with floor.
      3. Replace blade with a good quality brand.
      4. Replace belt with link belt.
      5. Stiffen base with a 3/4" piece of plywood.
      6. Wheels out of balance. Try to balance wheels.
      7. Tires need to be trued.
      8. Replace rubber tires with polyurethane tires.
      9. Wheels out of round. Replace wheels.

      That is probably not all. I had some viscious vibration on mine. I did all of the above (nearly in that order) and probably more that I can't remember. I spent about 3 months trying to fix it. I probably can't balance a nickle on it still, but it works for what I do. I bought the riser block and notice that the problem was worse with it than without it.

      There are many threads hear about the vibration problems with this saw. My vibration problems were mostly due to the wheels being WAY out of balance and out of round and the base not being stiff enough. Ridgid replaced the wheels free of charge. I wound up spending a lot of time tinkering and some money on link belts and tires. I bought carter tires and I think they were $30 each. When I look back I think that was probably stupid. I know they aren't making the tires. They can definately be bought for less. I did get a good deal on the saw fence and riser block ($360 total) and a lot of experience. You get what you pay for. I wish I bought a Rikon.

      Good luck.


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        Re: band saw vibration

        By the way, I think the dust collection stinks on this saw. I added a 4" port to the bottom of the lower cover. I connect both ports together via a wye and connect that to a small dust collector and it works pretty well now.

        I am not unhappy with the saw now, but I know at one time I was pretty frustrated and dissappointed with the purchase. I bought it to replace a 12" tilt head Craftsman bandsaw. I was really impressed with that saw. It had a huge table on it. I paid about $150 for that used. Probably could find one for $75 to $100 now.