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  • TS3650/3660 motor

    I was wodering if anybody here has tried to upgrade the TS3650/3660 motor. I see a lot of 5hp TEFC motors within the 3650 RPM range at ebay at good prices. With a little tweaking to add one of these motors and a few upgrades that can be cheaply done, you could have an under 1000 dollars table saw that could easily compete with the 2000 dollar range ones. Im just finishing my 3660 but already in my mind I have plans of making this upgrade in the future if possible(and Im almost sure it can be made). Let me know of your opinions about these as well as experiences you had improving your TS motor.

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    Re: TS3650/3660 motor

    Weight, torque, and size are just a couple of complicating factors to consider. The weight of the motor can put unplanned stress on the undercarriage, bearings, pulleys, and belt, as can the additional torque of a more powerful motor. The motor size can pose a problem may find that a longer motor sticks up above the table when the saw is tilted. Even if none of these issues pose a problem, you're kidding yourself thinking that you'll have the equivalent of a $2000 550# cabinet saw. 2hp is about the biggest I'd even consider going with a motor upgrade. I think you'd be better off just selling the 3650 and buying a decent 2hp saw though.

    Here's the guts of a fairly modest $1000 3hp cabinet saw:

    Here's the guts of a 3650:
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