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TS2424 Rip Fence Height

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  • TS2424 Rip Fence Height

    I just finished assembling my TS2424 and wonder if anyone else ran into a situation I ran into.

    When I tried to adjust the rip fence height above the table, I found that with the front & rear guide bars at their lowest positions, the gap between the fence and table was more than 8 pages of the owners manual. Therefore, there was no way for me to adjust the fence lower. I don't think this will be a problem, since the gap is probably not too large. However, I just wonder if anyone else ran into this. It made the adjustment pretty easy, since I basically had nothing to adjust.

    By the way, so far I love this saw and expect a lot of happy years of use.

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    I found the same situation. After setting the fence rails to the lowest position there was still a little more space between the table and the bottom of the fence than suggested. I used the 8 sheet measurement then "filled in" with a feeler gauge to check the difference. I can't remember the amount I was off but I was comfortable that it was not enough to matter. At any rate, I haven't experianced any problems so far. Good luck.

    Wood Dog


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      The 8 page setting is not an absolute, but the fence needs to be a close to the table surface as possible. The only time a large gap can cause any trouble is when you are cutting thin sheets such as melanine. At that point you may want to use a aux. fence to insure contact to the table surface.